You aspire to do

great things? Start with little ones."

~ St Augustine

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  Together, Kat and David offer over 60 years of experience,

as well as varied skills, techniques, and styles to their clients.

kat morris   |   david riall


Kat is a baby boomer born in a suburb of Chicago, IL. Kat's art and marketing influences came early. As an adolescent, she assisted her dad, a graduate student of marketing at University of Chicago, in some of his marketing research projects, helped him grade papers for undergrad students and was one of the "guinea pigs" for his doctoral thesis involving right and left brain functions. An accomplished artist himself, Kat's dad introduced Kat to many drawing and painting styles, as well.


Kat won her first art contest in 2nd grade and then went on to win state level recognition by 7th grade in Illinois and then in her 11th grade year in Texas. After her family moved to Lubbock, TX in 1973, where her dad taught marketing at Texas Tech, she painted her first mural. Over the next three years, Kat left two other murals in Monterrey High School there.


Kat moved to Chattanooga, TN in 1980 to marry and raise a family. For the next 17 years, her art talents were largely mobilized into art lessons for home-schooled kids, backdrops and face painting for elementary school plays, in the decorations of classrooms and the many birthday cakes for her five children.


After a divorce in 1993, Kat went back to college to earn her Associates in Applied Science in Advertising. While at Chattanooga State she won many awards in both graphic and fine arts, including placement in a USA Today graphic design contest and acceptance into a juried sidewalk show at the River Gallery in Chattanooga. She also won the first ADDY awarded to a student in the Chattanooga area in 1995, founded the student ad club at Chattanooga State, served as its president for two years, and served on the board of the Chattanooga Ad Federation as a student liaison.


Since graduation in 1997, Kat has served on the Chattanooga State Advisory Committee and has worked in several local ad agencies and print shops. Most of those years she has freelanced, highlighted by designing a national women's magazine named Fresh Outlook.


Kat returned to mural painting in 1997 with murals now in 4 states gracing schools, churches, commercial buildings and homes. Her styles range from cartoons to photo-realistic. The largest work to her credit is The Car Barn in Chattanooga, which is much more than a mural - it's an entire town that she designed using almost 2500 sf of murals and about 1500 sf of building facades, complete with neon, stained glass, working doors and windows, streetlights, and a 12' customizable marquis! Please see the mural painting gallery for pictures of that and her other projects.